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Kind Defined was established with a single purpose, to make this world a better place one act of kindness at a time. Our goal is to create citizens that actively seek to have a positive impact on their community and sphere of influence. The positive impact that the Kind Defined community may have on their community may not seem world changing from the outside looking in, but these small acts of kindness make a world of difference to the recipient.

We are a local 501c3 providing families with opportunities to come together and “de-stress”, laugh, play and enjoy each other.


Small Actions. Big Impact.

Being Helpful

Lending a hand to somebody who needs it may only take you a moment, but it can make a lasting impact on the recipient. Kind Defined offers ideas and examples of everyday helpfulness.

Community Building

We believe that by creating a community of individuals who are actively seeking to make the world a better place we can do just that. Learn more about the Kind Defined community today.

Scheduled Events


We offer a variety of events to help to facilitate the sharing of ideas and spreading of kindness. These events include camps as well as digital learning events, check out our calendar today.


Together we can make a difference.

The Relationship with Yourself

The Relationship with Yourself

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”Robert Holden Words carry so much weight. This is one reason, I feel, so many of us are opposed to labels to...



The New Year is historically the time for making resolutions.  I love word play, so I broke down “resolution” and was surprised that it may not be such a great thing to do, after all. The word...

The Art of Receiving 

The Art of Receiving 

December is known as the month of giving; Giving Tuesday is in December. While everyone is concentrating on the importance of giving and shopping local, which I do agree are important, I want to...

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