“At the end of the day, we must go forward with hope and not backward with fear and division.” ~Jesse Jackson

Fear. As a people, it seems our first reaction to an unknown is often fear. Unfortunately, this fear has often divided us. I looked back at our recent history and saw this clearly.

Y2K: As a society we were ever more dependent upon electronics, however, we never thought through the “new” clocks resetting and many were afraid everything (air traffic control, street lights, automated energy, water and power grids) would just shut down at 12:01 January 1, 2000. Do you remember the groups of people who were worried the entire world would shut down, even temporarily and they stayed home, while the another group “partied like it was 1999”?!

Climate Change: This is the fear that our weather systems are changing and our polar ice caps are melting. The end result is the Greenhouse effect which is the end to life as humankind knows it. This is a division that is much more serious that the Y2K, for the people who believe in climate change, it has lasting and catastrophic affects. The Y2K people were worried about some deaths (I remember airplanes being a big one), but the fact that it had a beginning, ending and solution made Y2K easier to face.

COVID: We are living this now. The divide of mask vs. no mask. The fear of the unknown spreading of the disease. There is fear. There are a lot of fears. Fear of dying. Fear of losing everything you have built and worked so hard for. Fear of not being able to support your family. And, unlike Y2K, there is no end or solution in sight which adds to our fears.

The point is you can pluck out any time in history and find people who are living in fear and reacting. Unfortunately, every one of these instances, almost without fail, people divide and choose sides. This causes rifts in our society. Imagine fear as a fire. The anger is fuel to keep the flames growing.

Today, our fuel is fed on a minute by minute basis. Through podcasts, social media, 24 hour news that seems more interested in a story than facts, our fires can be extremely potent and our fuel is easily accessibly and almost unavoidable. When we had to rely upon newspapers, radio and eventually television, none of which allowed for immediate opinion, conversation or argument, ideas could be thought out. Science or reason could catch up to the fear. A fire could eventually be put out.

As a people, we have outsmarted ourselves. We have invented amazing technology. Unfortunately, we have also created a way to feed our fires on a minute by minute basis. Our fears are fed around the clock by our anger. Science and reason are not able to serve as a balm to our fears.

Logically, none of us wants to be angry or living in fear. So, how do we extinguish our fires, quit feeding the flames and move into a space of hope? The Law of Attraction states you attract whatever it is you focus upon. Who do you want to attract? More angry and fearful people? Become the type of person you want to bring into your life. Focus on the good in your life and that is what you will draw to you.

At Kind Defined, this is what we do, everyday. We look for ways to find the good. We look for ways to see that many are simply living in their own state of fear and reacting. We respect all who offer respect. Most importantly, we feel that a small act of kindness can make a world of difference. If your fire is blazing hot and fed with an enormous fuel source, imagine what a kind action done for you would do to your fire. We encourage people to be ambassadors of positive change. Be the cool balm in this hot summer and spread kindness. We have a Kindness Challenge this July. You can join online and it can be done wherever you are. Please join us as we “Find the Kind.”