You listen to the podcasts, watch the YouTube videos and read the articles and books. You are an excellent parent, partner, adult child, friend or roommate. You are attentive, patient, kind and careful with conflict so there is a positive resolution.

And then the order to “Stay in Place” comes through and your perception is not reality. You realize that the perception of your personal growth and impact in the lives of others was only a reality when your time with these other people was limited. Instead of berating yourself for loss of patience, anger at getting sidetracked while doing your work and someone else wanting to “think out loud”, the overwhelming desire to go find another clan to “Stay in Place” with, think about another really great book: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. In his book, he discusses that what you are feeling is normal.

You communicate that you love others one way, usually the way you feel loved is the same way you communicate love. There are five love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Physical Touch

This seems off track from reality and perception, but wait for it!

You work at home. Whether you get paid for this work or not, you work at home. Now there is someone in your space, a lot. Most people have a way they work best:

  • Complete Silence (alone) (quiet)
  • Talking Through and Aloud (group)
  • With Music (background noise)
  • The entire project everywhere (messy)
  • Complete Organization (clean)

A group of people sharing the same living space has been able to work through their “quirks” of how they effectively get things done, while still letting others know they are cared for. Often, this is done though a compromise until one person is gone and the other can “let loose” in their creative and efficient style, only to “rein it back in” when everyone is back home.

With everyone in each other’s space right now, we at Kind Defined wanted to show you why many may be feeling frustrated and even upset with yourself, but for reasons that are really normal! The first key is to think about the people in your home and how they feel love is communicated to them. If you have a child in the home who knows they are loved through Quality Time, you may want to think about the projects you are getting done and scale them back. Schedule something each day, that the child picks, a bike ride, board game, walk, etc, at a certain time so they know that even though reality has changed, their perception of being loved has not.