What Is Your Super Power

Icebreakers are a common way to bring strangers together with seemingly inconsequential and non-threatening factoids that get people talking.  I have been in several groups where the question was “If you could have any super power, what would it be?”

Many choose the ability to heal.  It would be a great power to have.  Every now and then you have the profound thinker in the group that points out that if you had that power you would never be left alone, strangers would be lining up needing you to exercise your healing.

Another commonly chosen super power is to fly.  Honestly, I have no idea why flying is such a common super power (I actually chose this one), when it doesn’t really do anything or grant anything special.  It is just a feeling a freedom.

It wasn’t until I had a dear friend die this past August, that I learned the most amazing super power.  I had no idea she was exercising it, I had no idea this power existed and now I wish that I had it.  I cannot think of anything the world needs more than more people with this super power.

My friend was loved by many and there was quite a crowd at her remembrance gathering.  It was a rather informal affair, we mostly just mixed with each other, found out how everyone knew her and were touched most by her. Honestly, everyone was trying to figure out how they planned on existing and filling their days without her and I think we were trying to get ideas from each other. After a couple of hours, her husband got up to speak and then asked people to share a memory or words if they felt like it.

I was selfish.  I was feeling my grief so intensely that I wanted to hold onto those amazing moments that I had shared with Carol and I simply did not want those memories invaded by strangers.  It seems silly now, but I was in a dark place.  I was listening, however, to other people and how this amazing woman came into their lives and touched their hearts.

A woman then spoke up and she said the most wonderful thing, “Carol had a way about her.  When you were with her, she made you feel like you were her favorite person in the world.” She was right, I totally thought I was her favorite, I laughed to myself.  I could see it on everyone’s faces, we were all called out, right there! None of us was the favorite, Carol simply had a super power of making whoever she was with feel so special, so unique and so loved that they were simply her favorite.

This is a super power worth desiring.  This is a super power the world could use!  I live in a small town and we had this dynamo of a woman making a huge difference in at least 150 people’s lives.  Can you imagine what the world would be like if we had a “You’re the Favorite Super Power” Hero in every town, in every city, in every state in the nation? In the world?

I can and I like what I imagine.