Learn more about Kind Defined, what we do, and why we do it.

What does Kind Defined Do?

We have found that our world has become so driven by competition and individualism, that we have forgotten how to be a community.  While kindness seems like a simple concept, at Kind Defined we strive to not only bring it back to our daily interactions but teach children how to be leaders in kindness.

What types of programs do you offer?

Day Camps:  We have specifically designed out activities for 7-10 year old children.  These camps offer fun, outdoor activities, collaboration, recognition of what kindness and respect are and skills in sharing them.

Family Events: Local businesses offer their services for free for our families so the family can come together and have fun.  Kind Defined is trying to encourage kindness and shared experiences outside of technology and the normal routine within our families.

Kindness Challenge:  This is a two week challenge to intentionally put your best foot forward, arm yourself with an act of kindness daily and make our community better!  We also organize three service activities for families to choose from.


Conducted Stories: Improv for Youth on the Spectrum: Kind Defined’s newest program, this is an amazing opportunity for youth on the spectrum and their families to interact, communicate and enjoy each other in a whole new way!


How is Kind Defined funded?

We are a 501C3.  It is through our very popular Festival of Trees, reoccuring giving program, grants and tax credit donations that keep the Kind Defined dream alive.

How can I volunteer with Kind Defined?

Kind Defined has many different programs and our amazing Festival of Trees, so we have many opportunities to volunteer.  Whatever your skill, we can use it!  From carpentry skills, to working with children, to organization, to data entry, to bodies at fundraisers, even a moving truck!  We have all types of needs.  Click on the volunteer button and fill out the form, we will get right back to you!

I live out of state, how can I be part of Kind Defined?

The best way is to participate in our weekly Kindness Challenge that comes out each Sunday on our Facebook page.  Please consider donating monthly, even $5 a month makes an enormous difference to our organization!

During the summer, our Kindness Challenge can be done entirely online!  Please watch for that and participate with your friends and family; you can even organize a satellite group in your town and do it with us!

Also, follow us on Facebook.  The more we are known, the more kindness we can put into the world, so comment and share; this is an enormous help!

I am an educator, are there ways to integrate this into classroom education?

At Kind Defined, we have a past teacher, principal and several parents working on the problems that face our youth.  A program that is tailor made for the schools is our list of “next to come”!

If you want to work on something now, consider being on our committee to help get a monthly curriuculm for our schools.

Also, we do a Kindness Challenge each year in the summer.  This is a two week challenge.  If you want to do something like this in your classroom, reach out to us!


Why should I become a Kindness Ambassador?
Intention is amazing.  When you set out to purposefully interact with others kindly, your conscious is raised and it happens.  Everyone is faced with difficult situations, but those situations become much easier to navigate when you go into them already armed with kindness.  At Kind Defined, we would like to see a world armed with kindness.
Why am I having difficulty finding you on the registry for non profits?
We are actually listed as Motivating Individuals and Community Engagement.  We have many dreams for how to make our world a better place and Kind Defined is just one part of who we are!  Kind Defined is registered within the overall umbrella of M.I.C.E.


Learn more about our mission and how you can help by volunteering or donating today. Just as one act of kindness can go farther than you ever imagined so too can one donation or hour of your time.

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