I love the 2020 election and I have no idea of the results.

There are a lot of emotions to feel about the elections this season. Wading through them all, I choose, like always to find the good. I will acknowledge first all of the parts that first made my heart squirm.

We have such a close count which indicates an incredibly divided nation. Kind Defined is all about people listening to one another, collaborating and bringing our individual talents together for the good towards a common goal when needed. Our nation is founded on checks and balances that allows for various values and opinions to be heard at different levels. This also means there is an intended give and take. It is worrisome to see our leaders so divided. I hope they will be able to actually see the needs of the people and govern for us, the many different people in the nation who need a strong, compromising and open minded leadership to heal this country.

This has not been the case, that I have seen, in at least the last two presidential elections; so this is not a partisan statement.

Why am I happy?

When was the first time you voted? When was the first time you really cared about contributing to the democratic process, went out of your way and either cast your ballot or went to jury duty? Many people can tell me all of the creative ways they have avoided jury duty. I have spoken to many others who to this day, still have never voted. These are people with grandchildren; so they have missed a lot of elections. I am always amazed, as I have only missed one vote and that was during a move. My curiosity always makes me ask “Why?”

Inevitably it is because they feel it won’t matter.

The word “matter” has been loaded this year. I have avoided it in my social media, blogs, etc. There has been no way to come down as supportive to police officers; I have called them in times when I have felt threatened and been very glad they have come, without dismissing an entire population who does not feel that feeling of safety from their officers. To say all lives are important sounded trite. So I stayed mute.

I am delighted by this election. Everyone who never voted because “my vote just won’t matter” is being shown that indeed,
it matters enormously. Today is Friday, the elections were Tuesday and we still have no president. Many states were within 5% for either candidate. This does not sound like that big of deal, since a recount is the major conversation these days and a recount cannot be done with just 5%. However, think about it this way, the next time you can go to an average size movie, it seats about 200 people. Ten people in that room can decide who the president will be in those states with just a 5% difference for either candidate!

I don’t listen to a lot of the news; I have become jaded enough I don’t trust most of them, however, I have heard and loved that this election has seen one of the largest voter turnouts in years. People showed up to be heard.

I do want to note, I lost a lot in this election. That is how it goes. We are fortunate to live in a nation where our leaders trust us as citizens to investigate our choices. We look at the propositions, the officials who are running for office and wade through the political propaganda for the higher offices. We as an intelligent populace cast our vote for who will lead us collectively into a brighter future. I live in Arizona and my fellow Arizonans thought life would be better with different leadership or bills passed, etc. Nationwide, my fellow Americans may choose much differently than I do. I came into the vote with the values and opinions I gleaned from my life experiences. That does not make mine any more important or right than my neighbor’s. In the end, I am honored to have been able to cast my vote. I love the democratic process and take it very seriously. This philosophy goes hand in hand with what is taught at Kind Defined. I may not have all of the answers, I may not “win” but I was heard.

I hope there are other unicorns out there who can be happy with the process and yearn for goodness for our nation and the people in it.