Why start a non profit about kindness?
Why challenge people to do an act of kindness each day; is it really necessary?

I get funny looks from some at the booths I do at the square, “you have to do programs on that? I am already kind.” Or, “That is a good thing for that younger generation, our kids just don’t get taught the right things anymore.”

And yet, if you ask me, why did I reach out to some amazing people, pitch my idea and listen to them grow it into Kind Defined you may be surprised.

I reached out because I simply could not take the divisiveness anymore. The anger, self-righteousness, “us vs. them”, judgment and hate that come across in actions, words and posts have ripples of consequence.  They affect everyone they touch.  They affected me, with ill affects.  My mental health plummeted, I was anxious, sad, worried and felt feelings of hopelessness.

Thinking about it, I thought what if we counteracted these actions, words and posts with kindness, can that make a difference?  Will that send out the same “ripples” only positively?  It does.  People are just as affected by the good, even “once or twice” removed as they are by the negative.

This brings us to the Kindness Challenge.  Kind Defined has one every year.  This year we were sponsored by Findlay Prescott Subaru and partnered with United Way of Yavapai County.  We have had 97 people join us in the challenge!

We have had people send in amazing kindness stories. One, that I will share, as it embodies our mission in its entirety.

I have a friend, who I will name Susan.  She is in her 50’s.  She joined the challenge.  She has no children with her who are participating.  She joined because she thinks that kindness is a foundation we can all get behind that may change our community.

She has had several moments during these two weeks that have been eye opening for her.

“Kara, I always thought I went into my world with goodness, however, when I put one act of kindness at the front of my day, it was my first intention, I realized that in the past, it was that very kindness that often was shuffled to the back for ‘more important’ priorities.”

“My act of kindness today was with a store clerk.  Kara, she was really snippy and not very nice at all.  I realized, this was not my fault and probably had nothing to do with me.  Usually, I would enter into that, I would let her know I was upset at being treated that way and it would keep that cycle of anger going for both her and me.  Instead, I smiled at her – I think she saw it in my eyes over my mask- and I told her to have a wonderful day.  I felt good after that interaction, I did not go over and over in my head the interaction and I hope she was able to feel better too and treat the next person with kindness.”

People have been asking if they can join the challenge late.  The challenge started on July 25 and ends August 8.  We would love for you to incorporate this challenge into your life, send us your stories, make the kindness challenge something you do still in December.

We will have it “officially” again next summer.

At Kind Defined, we believe in rewarding the good.  If you start the kindness challenge today and register – we are reopening up registration – and you complete 14 days of kindness and you send us your act of kindness each day that you completed, don’t worry it is an easy form to fill out and helps us to keep track of the people who complete the challenge and new acts to put on our “100 Acts of Kindness” list, then we will send you a little thank you gift in your email.

We just want to say, it is never too late to make a positive change in our communities.

It is never too late to challenge yourself to be kind every day.

We believe in the ripple effect of kindness and that you are the stone that creates it.